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This Website is only for knowledge purpose.

This "www.indianpsubank.in" website is primarily focused on bankers of india. Primary motive of this website is to update all bankers and public about all financial activities in the country. We write about all recent activities, new rules, recent news of  banking industry.  The language of this website is hindi. We want to resolve language barriers, because good content about banking industry is not enough available on the internet. In future we want to try to solve all problems of bankers. If you want to know any special article or news, You can write to us. our email is "indianpsubank@gmail.com"

Secondary we want to resolve basic problems of public like investment problem, how, where and when u can invest, by this " www.indianpsubank.in" we want to guide u. about basic problem of finance. 
on " www.indianpsubank.in" u can ask your basic problems about finance. All information we provide is in hindi. So as a indian you can relate to our website. 

On our " www.indianpsubank.in" we write about RBI policies, budget, salary revision of bankers, new rules new govt policies, coming challenges to bankers, new future problems and their solutions.

We are in process to make a telephone and email directory of officers of institutions like RBI, NABARD, Finance ministry, IBA, All banks Board members and their top officials. This website is completely focused on bankers problems. 

The content of this website is based on research and news available on internet and other sources like experts interview and their views practices in banking industry. All the content on this website completely written by our writers.
our team 
1-Mr. Devesh Kumar
Admin and content Writer
2- C.P. Singh
    Content Writer